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Knight Photonics manufactures and provides a range of optical interfacing devices between the measuring instrument such as a spectrometer and liquid, solid, or gaseous samples. These are available for laboratory, process control and environmental applications. These are located both outside or inside the spectrometer. For non-standard sample applications we can help with bespoke constructions.

We also provide a range of photonic sensor probes click here for detail.


Liquid Nitrogen Sample Compartment for Spectroscopy

This Liquid Nitrogen dewar based holder accepts solids and crystals for low temperature spectral analysis. It is particularly useful for Raman and phosphorescence measurements. Optical coupling to spectrometers uses a fiber optic probe. Bespoke designs can be made for research configurations.

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Industrial process flow cells

  We manufacture both standard and bespoke optical flow cell interfaces. The one shown here is designed to provide low depth penetration of light at 45 degrees to the sapphire window and is specific to high optical density liquids such as coloured foodstuffs or slurries.

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Knight Photonics Manufacturing introduces new Goniometers for Spectral angular studies in:-


The goniometers provide independent angles of illumination and light detection in several planes. The swing arms accept fibre optics to allow illumination from lights sources and detection to spectrometers or single detectors. Filters and polarisers can be included. The Optical geometry caters for both collimated or focussed light.

For liquids the inserts can be thermostated. The cradle has calibrated lateral motion, so that it  can also be used for slides and separative chemisty.  A range of goniometers cater for both medium and  high accuracy analyses.


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