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Fiber Optic cable;

single core
< 1 mm diameter silica:

Designed for light transport in analytical measurement illumination, detection, spectroscopy, sensing and process analytical technologies.

200 - 2500 nm, multimode step index.

Includes dedicated versions.

  1. Deep UV solarised [< 230 nm].
  2. "OH" free for Near Infra Red.
  3. High/low Temperature; -100C to +500C.
  4. Chemical resistant assemblies.
  5. Multi-branch.
  6. SMA, ST, FC/PC, and dedicated probe terminations.

Special material types for operation in the Mid Infra Red.

Fiber Optic cable;

> 0.5 mm single core to large multi core diameters:

Designed for; transport of high light levels in visual observation, microscopy. endoscopy, machine vision, logic sensing, multiplexing, architecture, display technology.

Includes application to LED, OLED and modern Solid State Lighting:

Multi mode bundles, single and multi branch .
Quartz silica, glass, sapphire, plastic [PMMA] core.

Other types:

Liquid Light Guides,
Integrated plastic moulded "optical circuit boards".
Fluorescent fiber optics.
Single mode fiber optics.
Polarisation maintaining fiber optics.

Please contact us for more details>

Mounting accessories:

Work Stands
Optical Instrument Tables


Fiber Optic cable;

single core
< 1 mm diameter silica:

Cables will be provided 2 metres long unless otherwise specified.

Fibres below will be supplied with SMA connector terminations. Other versions can be provided with ST or FC/PC connectors.

Fibre cables will be sheathed with red Kevlar reinforced PVC as standard. Other sheath versions can be provided, including chrome plated brass helicoil, silicone/PTFE coated stainless steel.

For part numbers replace xx with:

UV for visible /ultra violet bias [range 200 - 800 nm]
IR for visible/near infra red bias. [range 350 - 2500nm]
SR for solarization resistant [deep UV less than 230nm]

Single cables:



Part No.

FC-IR008-2 Single cable 8µm core diameter.
FC-xx050-2 Single cable 50µm core diameter.
FC-xx100-2 Single cable 100µm core diameter.
FC-xx200-2 Single cable 200µm core diameter.
FC-xx400-2 Single cable 400µm core diameter.
FC-xx600-2 Single cable 600µm core diameter.
FC-xx800-2 Single cable 800µm core diameter.
FC-xx1000-2 Single cable 1000µm core diameter.

Multibranch cables:

Part No.

FCB-IR008-2 Single cable 8µm core diameter.
FCB-xx050-2 Single cable 50µm core diameter.
FCB-xx100-2 Single cable 100µm core diameter.
FCB-xx200-2 Single cable 200µm core diameter.
FCB-xx400-2 Single cable 400µm core diameter.
FCB-xx600-2 Single cable 600µm core diameter.
FCB-xx800-2 Single cable 800µm core diameter.
FCB-xx1000-2 Single cable 1000µm core diameter.
  4 branch assembly shown with optional chrome plated helicoil.

Part No.

FC2-xx  50-2 Bifurcated cable, 50µm core diameter.
FC2-xx100-2 Bifurcated cable, 100µm core diameter.
FCy-xx200-2 Bifurcated cable, 200µm core diameter.
FCy-xx400-2 Multibranch cable, 400µm core diameter [specify y see below].
FCz-xx600-2 Multibranch cable, 600µm core diameter [specify z see below].
Specify y= 2 bifurcated 2 branch; y= 4, 5, 6 or 8 branches
Specify z = 2, or 4 branches.

SMA terminations and connectors:

These devices fit to the fiber ends using the SMA 905 connectors:

Lens terminations

for collimating and focussing 6 mm and 25mm lens dia.

90 degree beam turn.

Cosine corrector light collectors.


  • Vacuum feed through to connect two fibres together through a vacuum seal (These are also suitable for other applications not involving vacuum).
  • Interconnects for length extension, these can be panel mounted or available.
  • For bulkhead mounting [available also for ST and FC/PC formats]
  • Adjustable working distance termination (range 15 or 30 mm) with light shade.
See the range of devices with our multipurpose work stand.


Fiber Optic cable;

> 0.5 mm single core to large multi core diameters:

Quartz silica, glass, sapphire, plastic (PMMA) core.

We supply an extensive range of stock, non-standard and special fiber optics.

The general headings are provided below. Please contact us for full information and prices. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Glass and quartz silica bundles; typical configurations.

Typical core sizes: 1.6 mm ,3 mm, 6.4 mm, 12.7mm.
Lengths: Stock 24” and 36”. Max length 252 “ [6400 mm]
Styles: Single length, bifurcated, multibranched.
Terminations: Ferrule.
  Screw thread with lock nuts.
  Rectangular box ends for logic fibre bundles.
  Micro tubular tips.
  90 degree bend.
  45 degree and angled bends.

Fiber logic organisation:

The end of the fiber bundles can be organised into a specific logic to suit a specific application. This ranges from very high tolerance orderly image con-ducting bundles, to patterned ends for quality process control. We are able to provide bespoke end housings and mounted post optics to couple to light Sources, LEDs and detectors.

Fiber optic products spectral range:

Our standard fiber optic products cover the wavelength range 0.2 µm [200nm] to 2.7 µm [2700nm].

We also supply non-standard fiber optics for analytical applications in the full infra red region 2.7 microns upwards.

Other products for light transfer:

Near and Mid Infra red fiber optics.

OH free silica, Fluoride, Chalcogenide, etc

Liquid Light Guides.

Single mode fiber optics [for research and Development].

Fluorescent Fiber Optics.

Micro capillary silica tubing.

Micro channel plates for lab on chip.



NEW Multipurpose Fiber Optic and Optical Sensors Workstand


Position and hold: Fiber optics, probes, optics at variable geometries and relationships.

Enables experimental measurement on your samples.

Multi-point, multi-directional sensing.

Couple photonics and spectroscopy to micro reaction chemistry.

The multipurpose stand with a choice of holders allows, fiber optic cables, to be held and locked into multiple positions for analysis of samples.

Transmission, Reflectance, Fluorescence, Thin film Interference, Colour and other optical parameters can be conveniently measured and tested.

Contact us for more details.

NEW Multi-stack Optical Instrument Table for
optical/electrochemical/micro chemistry experiments

Knight Photonics' new Multi-stack optical instrument table, houses and mounts components for dedicated applications.

Typically the lower level can house optical instrumentation, such as light sources and optical measuring instruments including miniature spectrometers. The upper levels can be arranged in a number of different ways to engage experiments and automated procedures. This includes mounting Micro-Fluidic devices [Lab-on-a-chip], micromaniplutors, analytical fiber optic probes, miniature LED/OLED sources, cuvette/ flow cell sample compartments and referencing devices.

The "stack" also acts to tidy experiments and uses less premium laboratory bench space. The platforms at different levels have various standard shapes to allow versatility in the access to each level. Special platform shapes can be ordered for more dedicated arrangements. Provision is made for tidy routing of fiber optics and electrical cable for example with pH electrodes.
Please contact our specialist advisor to discuss your "set up" requirements.


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