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Arc Sources
Portable Halogen Source
Machine Vision Source
Infra Red Source
Low Pressure Hg Source

Other light sources we provide:

  • Stroboscopic fibre optic sources.
  • Multiple wavelength sources.
  • Ultra-violet fibre optic sources 35/50; 150; 300 watt fibre optic xenon illuminators.
  • Constant colour temperature source.
  • Multiple fibre outlet sources.
  • Portable illuminators.
  • Custom designs.
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Knight Photonics provides many different types of light source, housings, optics, lamps and LEDs for research, development and for applied applications.

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Spectral Outputs



We offer an extensive range, please contact us for a quotation.
Xenon, mercury, xenon mercury lamps.
Halide mercury sources: Complete or as components.
Xenon pulsed light sources.
Zinc and Cadmium Ultra Violet lamps.
Ultra Violet Inspection lamps. Short, medium and long wave.
Photochemical Light sources.
[We also provide U.V. Radiometers and Spectroradiometers]

Ultra-violet fiber optic sources.
Deuterium [Ultra-violet].
L.E.D. and laser sources.
Low Pressure Mercury [254 nm].
Medium Pressure Mercury [365 nm].
Xenon pulsed [Ultra-violet/Visible].
35/50; 150; 300 watt fibre optic xenon illuminators.
Portable illuminators.



Metal halide light sources

These light sources for microscopy provide up to x2 more intensity than a standard quartz halogen source. They accept  single and multi-branch fiber optics for coupling to microscopes. A full 100% intensity iris range control is available. Colour Temperature of the source is 5500-6500Kelvin

The sources can be complimented with electronic shutters, optical band pass filters or polarisers.

LMI-6000 High brightness LED source

Light Output 780 Lumens
Lighting: High Power White LEDs
Input Voltage 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Color Temperature Typical: 6000 K
LED Life 20,000 Hours D65
Fiber Optic Interface 15 mm or (25 mm optional)
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Cooling Fan Cooled
Intensity Control 15 Step
Dimension/Weight 3.9"W x 5.1" H x 7.0" DP/5.3 lbs




Compact sources

These sources can be used with single core multimode fibre optics, for optical and spectroscopic sensing or by themselves for other general applications. Included are deuterium, halogen and pulsed xenon to cover, the ultra violet, visible and  near infra red spectral regions.

Lamp housings

Available for high power lamps from 75watt  to I KW. These are available for xenon, xenon mercury, large halogen and other lamps and have single or multiple optical ports. A range of  lamp power supplies can be provided.

Arc lamp sources

Have a BALANCED spectral light output which is important for large wavelength range spectral measurements This source is used with fiber optics, which are solarised for use below 230 nm.

Deuterium and halogen sources

Up to 200 watts complete with housing and power supply. Also available with monochromators, shutters and fiber optic light delivery. Suitable for applications including fluorescence, photo-irradiation and spectroscopy.


LED Sources

Compact LED sources for use with fibre optics and covering the UV, Visible and NIR spectral regions are operated  with modulated or stabilised continuous output.



Collimated . Diffuse . Polarised . Ring . Patterned . Pulsed strobe . Logic shuttered . Pulsed logic . Front light . Back light . High uniformity . Laser coherenct and holographic illumination . Monochromatic . High intensity


DC950H Machine vision illuminator;
for process and quality monitoring

The DC950H Fiber-Lite 150 watt Quartz halogen features DC regulated output, fast lamp response. It has a 0-5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjust-ment (8 bit D/A module available). This specification is very suitable for high speed processes and remote operational control. The source accepts a large range of configured fiber optics for structured lighting.

High intensity fibre optic light sources with remote lamp housings and independent power supplies

A241 and A242 Dual High intensity fiber optic illuminators have small size remote lamp housings driven by independent stabilised power supplies. The A242 has a dual combined housing with two 150 watt quartz halogen lamps and independent fiber optic connec-tions. The intensity for each lamp head is independently controlled via a potentiometer.


MH100 Metal halide illuminator for fiber optics

Delivers up to 2X the light output of standard quartz halogen light sources. The MH-100 is designed to provide brilliant white light with true colour rendering and balance. Features include 0-100% intensity control via manual iris, 5500K-6500K colour temperature.

Portable light sources for fibre optics and endoscopes

This series of quartz halogen and LED Illuminators are designed for remote inspection and measurement. Can be provided as a system with endoscopic cameras or miniature Spectrometers. Operates with a rechargeable portable power supply, and provides intensity.


LMI-6000 High brightness LED source for fiber optics

Light Output 780 Lumens.
Lighting: High Power White LEDs.
Input Voltage 100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz.
Color Temperature Typical: 6000 K.
LED Life 20,000 Hours D65.
Fiber Optic Interface 15 mm or (25 mm optional).
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C.
Cooling Fan Cooled.
Intensity Control 15 Step.
Dimension/Weight 3.9"W x 5.1" H x 7.0" DP/5.3 lbs.
Approvals CE, RoHS.

Remote HTI Sources for harsh environments and hazardous zones

We manufacture bespoke sources for difficult environments and undersea/water Inspection. Shown here an all stainless steel HTI lamp housing with, parabolic reflector, sapphire window and Teflon/Viton seals.


Housings, power supplies, optics & more

We supply are large range of component parts for light source systems. Shown here INFRA RED compact sources mounted on standard TO cans and a parabolic wrap around mirror for directing light from a compact source element to collimation.




More sources

Deuterium Halogen Spectral Source
Fiber Optic LED Source
Deuterium Halogen Balance Source
Arc Lamp Systems
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