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Knight Photonics provides photonic components, instruments, and research & development solutions. This includes Smart Optical Sensing modules, spectrometers and complete instruments dedicated to analytical and physical measurement  applications. For this we have a special interest in the provisions of sample interfacing for remote, low temperature, in vacuum, hazardous zone, medical, oceanography applications and much more.

For research, development, and OEM, we have high level optical components, optoelectronic devices, lasers, solid state sources, UV-Visible-IR detectors, and  a large portfolio of fibre optics.

Company profile

Formed in 1991 as Knight Optical Technologies continuing, under a new banner, a long established and experienced provision of Optical and Photonics products for research and development. The Company acts as an International Distributor, develops and manufactures Optical Instruments for Research projects and OEMs, acts as project consultants and participates to contribute in the growth of the Optical and Photonics Industry.

The Company provides an extensive range of optical products for research to Universities, Government Establishments and industry.

Areas of specialisation include:

 Fibre Optic Sensing,
 Non standard optical laser and spectroscopic measuring techniques,
Modern advanced optical components.

In most cases we aim to provide solutions and integrations to satisfy a particular interest. The scope of our work has included projects of full product development to providing small items to complete a requirement.

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