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Prototyping and Engineering

Knight Photonics manufactures optical instruments, fibre optic sensors and devices; scientific and imaging light sources, non-standard sampling cells and flow cells. We are also experienced at completing the integration of standard products by manufacturing items to complete a system solution. Equipment conversions and system packaging for adverse environments, such as found in oceanography or hazardous areas are frequently undertaken.

We are always interested in receiving inquiries for the development of items ranging from small items to complete fully designed systems.

Process Line flow cell with 45 degree Optical configuration   Rig to measure spectra on the
underside of a liquid based hologram.
  Motorised rotating platform for
angular sensitive spectral dispersion analysis.
Sterilisable fermentor fibre optic spectral probe with horizontal light path. Used in a 12mm head plate hole.
Microscope attachment for
Spectral analysis.


Thermostatable sample holder
gimble mounted.
  Large size mobile optical instrument table.

OEM Solutions and Support

For OEM developers and manufacturers, we are able to provide a range of confidential services from quantity "call off" supply of items to design and prototyping support. Our experience covers many new and established areas of development for optical measuring and analytical instrumentation.

We are able to assist confidentially with:

Initial specification development.
Analysis and measurements for performance assessment.
Prototype implementation.
Manufacturing of bespoke items.
"Call off" supply of OEM components.
Longer term technology support and continuation.
Instrument calibration.
Application assistance.

Typical OEM items include [partial listing only]:

Optics, fibre optics, probes, gratings.
Integrated optical benches, e.g. spectrometers.
Non-dispersive emitter /receiver devices.
Supporting electronic PCBs.
Bespoke instrument packaging.
Interactive displays.

    Optical aggregate rock analyser for
shape, size, and composition.

[ Courtesy of Petromodel h/f ]



Consultancy, Technical Training, Product Sourcing


Confidential Consultancy projects can be undertaken.

We are experienced in:
Optical and Scientific Instrument development. Analytical Optical and Spectroscopic measurement with fluorescence, opaque and translucent sample analyses being a speciality.
Fibre Optic extrinsic and instrinsic sensor development.
Instrumentation development for field measurements such as Ultraviolet radi-ometry, Oceanographic sensing, multi-sample measurement.
Specialist light source development.
Specialist devices for remote sensing and imaging.
Solutions for Quality and Process Control.

Sourcing of Products

We are able to provide and source products internationally in the following Categories:

Optical components and hardware.   Displays.
Photonics and biophotonics.   Light Sources.
Optoelectronics.   Radiometry.
Electro-optics.   Analytical sensors.


Calibration Services

We provide several calibration and referencing facilities for spectral, radiometric and photometric measurement.

These include:

Wavelength calibration for Ultra Violet, Visible and Near Infra Red.
Spectral region 180nm to 2,500nm.
Standardised light sources to enable calibration for absolute spectral intensity measurements in the range 200 -1095 nm. This is traceable to a national standard; e.g. NIST.
Referencing standards for reflectance, Colour, fluorescence and Raman. Referencing filters for spectrophotometers.
Calibrated instrumentation for radiometic and photometric measurements of LEDs ,OLEDs, and light sources in general.
UVA, UVB, UVC Radiometry Calibrated instrumentation for solar measurement with conformance optics for light collection, and goniometric facilities for Thermopiles.
Black and grey body sources.



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