Portable Tablet Spectrometer



  • Portable UV- Visible- NIR Spectrometer

  • Integrated with, removable tablet, light source, and versatile sampling.
  • Large Display for detail of Spectra and data.

  • On board touch screen keyboard .
  • Slide and Lock application modules with cassettes for micro-fluidic chips and sensor slides. Module Interchange possible even with fluid lines and pumps connected to chips.

  • Accepts fibre optic probes and accessories for remote measurements.
  • Includes Image capture.

  • Can be mounted vertically to a wall or swing arm.
  • Measures Transmission [absorbance] Reflectance, Colour, Fluorescence.

Interchange Optical Module with 75 X 50 mm Microfluidics Chip in casette. 75 X 25 mm Chip in Casette shown alongside



Spectrometer with Slide/ Lock module and Chip
cassette extended.  Removable computer tablet.


  • Wavelength range:

    Spectrometer 200 -1100 nm grating selected. External light sources 200 -1100nm Internal light sources 380-1100nm and UV LED wavelengths including 365, 380 nm for fluorescence excitation.

  • Interchangeable Modules available:-

    Micro-fluidic and sensor chips up to 75 x 50 mm. Module for Cuvettes and micro flow cells. Module for fluorescence Integrating sphere module for diffuse reflectance.

  • External probes and key accessories, for remote measurement.

    Reflectance fibre optic probes. Fibre optic dip probes for absorbance. Most of our large range of external sample handling geometries can be linked to the Portaspec 701 by fibre optics. These include Microscope fibre optic ocular link. Temperature controlled sample compartment


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