Spectral sensor platforms for use with microfluidic chips

Knight Photonics and Camtech Innovations have developed multiple optical sensors integrated with microfluidic chips [lab-on-chip], based on active holograms or fluorescence. These are incorporated into dedicated instruments with spectrometers or non-dispersive optical detectors to interrogate the chips.

These sensors have significant potential to providing economical label- free detection solutions, and are available for portable, laboratory, point of care, industrial and environmental instrumentation. Typical applications are in biodefense, medical diagnostics, water and food testing. However this is backed by world- class facilities for fabrication, prototyping, and manufacturing of lab-on-chip devices and optical instrumentation for many applications.

For those developing their own lab-on-chip platforms we provide an extensive variety of microfluidics chip fabrications with accessories such as syringe pumps, multiple chip holders, XYZ motions, and microscopes with digital imaging to complete a system. For spectroscopy and optical detector sensing interfacing is available with micro optics, fibre optics, optical probes with option to applied multiplexing of the chips.

Rock and Aggregate Analyser

The Petroscope Process Analyser has evolved from the specialist knowledge in Iceland of  rock particle and aggregate selection. Success and optimisation of each engineering and civil construction application requires very careful selection and use of specific rock particle specifications. Applications include underpinning of high speed railways, construction of earthquake resistant buildings, correct construction of weatherproof highways and runways, and much more.

The Petroscope is automated to analyse a conveyor feed of particles for size, and  shape, by laser scanning; and composition by spectroscopy. Petromodel ’s unique neural software uses the sensor primary data to provide a full  profile of each particle for selection.

Spectral Goniometer

Knight Photonics Manufacturing introduces new Goniometers for Spectral angular studies in:-


The goniometers provide independent angles of illumination and light detection in several planes. The swing arms accept fibre optics to allow illumination from lights sources and detection to spectrometers or single detectors. Filters and polarisers can be included. The Optical geometry caters for both collimated or focussed light.

For liquids the inserts can be thermostated. The cradle has calibrated lateral motion, so that it  can also be used for slides and separative chemisty.  A range of goniometers cater for both medium and  high accuracy analyses.


These small spectrometers, operate as compact handheld bench or wall mount, instruments. They are able to analyse samples for fluorescence, absorption, reflection, colour, and Raman, using micro and macro fibre optic probes, or remote optical sample geometries. The instruments can be used to capture target IMAGES and measure SPECTRA simultaneously. The screen size is 10” or 12”, with touch keyboard and optional hard keyboard The software is “APP” based and the unit can be used for standard internet connection and data transfer. The units are battery or mains powered with on board LED, including UV LED option or tungsten xenon ultra- compact source. Other sources which are external include micro lasers from our associate RGB Laser-systems.

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     Portable Touch Screen Spectrometer


[Announced October 2014] This compact series instrument is designed for easy use together with computer and Windows based software to measure fluorescence spectra. Sample Excitation is available from internal UV And Visible LEDs, or pulsed xenon lamp together with excitation filter. The internal optics are double beam, when needed and allow for TURBIDITY and COLOUR measurements. The MODULARITY IN DESIGN in design allows a variety of sample handling facilities from standard cuvettes to ultra micro volume cuvettes, flow cells, microfluidics chips [Lab –on –chip], anaerobic. Overall wavelength range 200nm -1100nm.

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Camtech Innovations [UK] and Knight Photonics [UK] have signed an agreement to enable expertise of both groups to develop new products and new sales opportunities. Camtech Innovations specialise in microfluidic diagnostic devices, integrated into the lab-on–the-chip. Knight Photonics develop and manufacture in the UK, micro spectroscopic and optical instrumentation for advanced analysis of the chip chemistries . A series of compact dedicated sensors with on board microchemistry and on board spectral photonics are now being offered, having matured to this stage over several years of cooperation already. The product fusion of these two disciplines is expected to encourage a significant profitable growth in volume sales of these integrated sensor packages. Markets include, bio-security, environmental control, and medical point of care and medical self diagnostics.

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This array spectrometer is designed for remote measurement using fibre optics, to connect to on-line flow cells or in line optical probes. The geometry of optical measurement can be selected, allowing a variety of measurement styles including ,Colour, Turbidity, Fluorescence, reflection. The spectrometer has an I/O port to allow data transfer and command input and can be used with GigE, RS232, USB2, Bluetooth, or on board SD card. Dedicated termination of fibres allow close routing to rollers and selected geometries to measure coatings by reflection and transmission. For flow line, fermenter and other operations, electrochemical probes can be included. For multi- station measurements, optical multiplexing or synchronisation of multiple spectrometers is possible.

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Housed in an amazingly small package only  40 x 25 x25 mm, these complete integrated lasers come in two formats the MiniLas Evo providing a free collimated TEM oo laser beam and the MiniLas Fiber which couples the laser into single mode or polarisation maintaining optical fibers. The Min Las Evo can be provided with wavelength outputs of 405,445,515,640,660,785,980 nm.

The MiniLas Fiber can be provided with wavelength outputs from the fiber at 405,445,488.635,660,785,808,830,1060,1310, and 1550 nm. The operating parameters can be monitored and controlled from a PC.

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The FCSM-PM couples laser emission from the high end NovaPro series of laser modules into single mode polarization maintaining optical fiber with efficiencies ranging from 50 -70%. Dedicated fiber collimators are optional. Fiber connections are FC, FCAP 8 deg. and SMA.

Wavelength ranges include:-
300 – 680 nm
650 – 1100nm
1050 – 1600 nm

NovaPro lasers come as Diode lasers or DPSS format with wavelength dependent power outputs from 25 to 1000mW .

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Knight Photonics Manufacturing has introduced several useful “in vacuum” optical interfaces. These allow illumination and detection of light at many specific geometries in relation to the sample or coating. Light is conducted to and from the measurement zone using vacuum suitable fibre optics. These connect to spectrometers or optical measuring instrumentation, using fibre optic feed throughs or via high vacuum miniature window transfer optics. Angular and goniometric devices can be made to suit specific monitoring or research requirements. Systems are provided for static and on line chamber work.

Please contact our engineers for specific application requirements.

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New multi-stack optical instrument table

Knight Photonics releases its new Multi-Stack optical instrument table components for dedicated applications. Shown here is a new two stack system for Micro-Fluidics, housing the spectrometer and light source modules on the lower level and the Lab-on-a-Chip components on the upper level.

This incorporates our multipurpose holders for probes and fibre optics for insertion into the micro-fluidics assembly. The easy upper level access and holding devices enable a large variety of experiments to be conducted.

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New dedicated optical interfacing devices for applied sensing

Knight Photonics Manufacturing and Applications Unit has released its fibre optic sample interfacing products. These are provided  for specialised and dedicated spectroscopic  sensor and  imaging applications. Extracting key selective optical and spectral information from samples frequently requires dedicated optical  interfacing geometries with the sample.

Examples of products are applied in: Micro chemical sensors, Biofermentation, Multi-channel analyte analysis, Nano scale developments; Thin film optical interfacing, Tablet analysis. Low temperature spectroscopy.

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Shown here: New Multipurpose Fibre Optic Workstation.


Extended range

Starting 2015, we have extended our range of Fibre Optic types, terminations, couplings, associated micro-optics and accessories:

Types include:
  • Multimode fibre optics
  • Single Mode fibre optics
  • Fibre Optic bundles and multiplexes
  • Plastic fibre optics
  • Liquid light guides

We design and construct bespoke assemblies for your applications or OEM needs.

We provide an extensive range of fibre optic probes, flow cells, sample compartments for remote analysis of samples. Applications are numerous but include devices for laboratory, medical, industrial, vacuum, environmental, applications.

Materials include:
silica, quartz, glasses, plastics, sapphire, Infra Red materials and liquid light guides. Hollow silica conduit

Photomultiplier Housing for Fibre Optics released.

A light tight modular housing has been produced for side on Photomultipliers and other detectors. This can be used to measure low light and fast transient signals from fibre optics. The design adds to the range of modular components, which we provide to construct bespoke optical measurement systems for research. The housing can be rod or base mounted , but in addition the front entrance port provides mounting together with, filter holder, shutter, fibre optic or monochromator.

The housing can be mounted onto a multipurpose sample compartment for phosphorescence or fast kinetic change in light absorption such a stopped flow spectroscopy.

Similar housings are available for End On Photomultipliers.

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